Тэйлор Свифт отказала в замужестве Тому Хиддлстону

The singer is not yet ready to enter into a formal marriage, she asks for time to think.

Parting recently with DJ Calvin Harris, the singer had an affair with British actor Tom Hiddleston. Moreover so violent that Tom decided to make an offer. However, something went wrong. As reported by the American edition of In Touch, according to one of the friends of Taylor, the singer accidentally discovered an engagement ring with a diamond in the drawer. And at first, Tom is upset that the surprise had failed, and then another, and because Taylor, as it turned out, down the aisle in no hurry.

“She feels terrible, because in the early Dating itself told that is ripe for family life,” says a source. But she’s not sure I’m ready to start it right now. Tom is very upset that Taylor asked him to wait.”

Tom and Taylor been Dating for a few months, and the actor has ignored the advice of relatives and friends who told him to hold off on an official offer. “He gave her an ultimatum about our engagement,” continues the source. And now Taylor tells everyone that she “need to make a decision whether to accept the decision” by the end of August – whether to marry Tom, to part with him.”

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