Тейлор Свифт увеличила грудь ради нового бойфренда

Many figure of Taylor swift seems perfect. There is good reason – the singer has long, toned legs, a press and a measure of the uploaded hand. However, there is something that Taylor is very don’t like is the lack of a large bust. Not so long ago this problem the swift fixed. The singer has a boob job and now boasts a bust approximately a third the size.

The findings that breast Taylor touched the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, the paparazzi has prompted the recent release of the singer in the light.

The star was accompanied by her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. But the attention of photographers was more focused on the couple itself, and on the bust of swift. He seemed much more still.

In the web immediately a dispute broke out as to whether swift had a boob job. The users who voted for this theory, even provided comparison photos of the singer, which was made a month ago and they are swift and really does not look as “space”.

The singer while that is not commented.

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