Taylor swift gave evidence in court about the attack

Тейлор Свифт дала показания в суде о нападении

On Thursday, Taylor swift testified in Denver court against David Muller, a former DJ who brazenly “groped” a popular singer. Performer an hour gave testimony to win the case.

Тейлор Свифт дала показания в суде о нападении

“He was definitely hitting on me, though fairly long,” the 27-year-old swift said at the hearing Thursday. “It lasted long enough that I realized it was intentional.” Taylor shared his impressions about the case.

Then the singer decided to go into detail about the shocking experience. It all started with a simple meeting with the fans, where swift graciously gave to his fans autographs and photos. The meeting was held before the concert, her “red” tour at the Pepsi center in Denver on 2 June 2013.

“He kept his hand on my bare buttocks until I moved away from him, showing the inconvenience of all kind,” says swift. “The first couple of milliseconds, I thought it was just a mistake. I moved very quickly.”

Тейлор Свифт дала показания в суде о нападении

Then, “whether the light was turned off in my personality,” testified swift added, “I just looked at the floor. I couldn’t see any fans, and I’m just monotonously responded, “Thank you for coming.”

Of course, the defendant was also a lawyer, who vehemently defended the direction of his ward. He asked the singer, “Why is your skirt in the photo taken immediately after the incident, was not wrinkled?” because if Mueller is “touched,” the actress, her skirt was supposed to be closed or slightly dented. What actress indignantly replied, “Because my ass is back.”

Swift was repeatedly asked about what the singer felt about the way he touched her. The star said that he tried to stick his hand as far as possible.

Next, Taylor swift asked Mcfarland, “have You ever watched the TV detective series?”. In such series, certain police team investigating interesting incidents, though each episode tells the story of a new murder. The singer gave a positive answer, and even said that he called his cat by the name of detective Olivia Benson, the heroine of the series “Law & order: Special victims unit.” When the topic came about the police, the singer said, “I just identified him,” what is she denied the statements of Muller that it was not he, but his colleague, Eddie Haskell, who was sexually molested by Taylor.

Andrea swift, the mother of the pop star, also spoke on the account of the incident. When Taylor told her mother about the harassment, she started crying and almost threw up. “I knew from the photo that something is not right,” Andrea says of the photo, which was shot when Mueller “touched” the star. “I know those eyes better than anyone. She tried to pull away. The smile froze on her face, but something was in her eyes. As soon as I looked at them, I felt bad.”

The money that will be won in the case, who is going to donate for the Fund, which helps women victims of sexual violence. Based on court documents, the goal of the singer — to become an example for other women who suffer from violence.