Тейлор Свифт упала во время выступления

28-year-old Taylor swift made the cake in honor of the birthday of Selena Gomez, congratulated her story via instagram and went to give a concert. But not only the celebration of a friend I remember the day!

Yesterday, the singer performed his show at the MetLife stadium in new Jersey. By the end of the song Call It What You Want she slipped and fell. For Taylor it was unexpected, but she immediately got up and continued the performance!

I hope swift is not very worried about the awkward moment. On the stage fell many stars, including Beyonce and Madonna. 36-year-old Beyonce and 48-year-old Jay Z are traveling now and give concerts within the joint tournament On The Run II. The singer had no idea that it may be stuck on the ceiling during one of his concerts.

July 1, Saturday, another concert took place in Warsaw. During the performance, suspension design is stuck in the air, along with Beyonce. No need to panic! Star was rescued using ladders. The stage was framed unit, on which the singer could not tread. She was in big boots and was afraid I would fall down the stairs. But with the support of fans, the singer still managed to go down and the concert continued as if nothing had happened.

During a speech at the Brit Awards the most memorable, for example, was the decline of the Madonna. She was standing with her back to the audience on the stairs according to plan, the show had effectively throw off the cloak. To do this, she began to untie the ribbon part of the dress, and the dancers had to pull off his back the singer. However, something went wrong: whether Madonna had no time to untie all the ribbons, or the dancers too early, yanked the cloak. In the end, the singer was on the floor during a performance of the song Living for love. It happens to everyone!