Тейлор Свифт не удержалась на ногах на сцене
Confusion happened in the presence of the boyfriend singer.

Taylor Swift

Photo: Instagram.com

Taylor Swift
no luck during her recent concert. 28-year-old singer, well stared at
stage in stage costume with a short skirt, right in the middle of the speech, slipped and swung and landed on the stage. Falling, she knocked down his dancer. However, Taylor handled the situation — she laughed, rose to his feet and continued the show. It happened in
the show swift, held at the MetLife stadium in new Jersey.

The singer, who is currently on a concert tour called Tour Reputation, there is justification. She fell not because
it is not enough rehearsed dance:
that day was pouring rain, the stage became soaked and very slippery. By the way, this is not the first concert recently where the singer has
to speak in the pouring rain. Her two previous shows, too, accompanied by a rich
atmospheric deposition. Surprisingly, even knowing the forecast, swift and
didn’t think to cancel. Moreover, she stated that she loves
singing in the rain.

the day when Taylor made a “hard landing” on stage, the hall was attended by
her boyfriend, Joe Alvin, which made the confusion even more unpleasant
for the swift. However, Alvin, it seems, is so enamored of his beloved that he is ready
forgive her anything. Recall the novel, Joe and
Taylor began in the fall of 2016. But the beginning of their relationship was strictly “classified.” Although, as argued buddies Joe,
the lovers saw each other constantly, reporters managed to catch them
together a very few times. For example, in
December saw them in new York, during the celebration
Christmas and in March — already in America, during a walk in the woods. But
recently swift and Taylor stopped hiding your affair. In
their holidays, which they spent on one of the Islands of Turks and Caicos,
located to the South-East of the Bahamas, Alvin and Taylor were hugging and kissing, not even trying to hide from the paparazzi.