Тейлор Свифт встречается с Томом Хиддлстоном

After breaking up with Calvin Harris 26-year-old Taylor swift started Dating 35-year-old Tom Hiddleston.

In early June of 2016 singer Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) and DJ Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris announced the break. The musicians have been together a little over a year. However, the singer did not remain long in free flight two weeks later, paparazzi spotted the swift on a date with actor Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston).

Pictures taken on the beach Misquamicut close to swift’s mansion in Watch hill, Rhode island. In the photo the singer and actor embrace and kiss. “They looked like any young couple in love and carefree,” an eyewitness told the magazine the Sun.

In may, Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston together and had fun at the after-party Met Gala 2016. Their incendiary video of dance became an Internet hit.

Video posted by Carlos Souza (@carlossouza1311) 3 May 2016 at 6:28 PDT

Earlier it was rumored that Tom Hiddleston meets with a colleague on the film “I saw the light” (I Saw the Light) Elizabeth Olsen (Elizabeth Olsen), but in March, the actor denied them. Also talked about his affair with the star of the series “Sherlock” (Sherlock), Lara Pulver (Lara Pulver). From 2008 to 2011 have Hiddleston was having a romantic relationship with the actress Susannah Fielding (Susannah Fielding).

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