Тейлор Свифт изменяла бойфренду с однокашником принца Уильяма
Calvin Harris did not expect the betrayal of the beloved.

Тейлор Свифт изменяла бойфренду с однокашником принца Уильяма

Taylor Swift

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Тейлор Свифт изменяла бойфренду с однокашником принца Уильяма

Tom Hiddleston

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Just recently, overseas media reported
what Taylor swift, broke up with her boyfriend Calvin Harris just two
weeks ago, spun a new novel —
actor Tom Hiddleston. In fact, it turned out that swift start
to meet him, even when not ended her love story with Harris! That is
she secretly cheated on Kelvin…

Everyone thought Taylor and Tom for the first time
met at a charity ball Met Gala in early may and
until recently they had no romantic relationship. But
how did you find the reporters of the newspaper The Sun, really
they met and became close early on the party at the home of Anna Wintour. Found
witnesses who claim that the 26-year-old Taylor immediately noticed the charming actor, they didn’t move from each other all night. One guest even claims to
already in the evening, swift and Hiddleston left the house Wintour together.

Harris, apparently, for a long time
knew about flirting Taylor. However, even before publication in the press photos of swift and her new Beau passionately kissing and obnimashka on the beach Rod
Island, he came to him the romance rumors Taylor. Then Calvin rubbed off on
their pages on social networks all mention of the 15-month affair with
Swift and deleted all the photos together. Has not spared it and comment
he left earlier: “When the end of the relationship, there are love and
respect for each other!” Even though Harris feels publicly humiliated, he
trying to maintain composure. So when reporters asked him yesterday,
don’t you think that swift had betrayed him, Calvin, evading direct answer, said with a tight smile: “She’s just doing what he thinks is right!”

Taylor swift and Calvin Harris

Photo: Splash News/East news

As for the new Beau Taylor, he is quite a remarkable person. Tom Hiddleston —
extremely fashionable actor of British origin. Not only did he successfully
in films (for example, turned into the main villain Loki in “Thor”), but also plays in
theatre. For one of his theatrical roles, he was awarded the Laurence
Olivier. Tom got a great
education. Moreover, his classmate at Eton was the Prince William. Kidston
popular and beautiful ladies. To Taylor he, for example, met with the actress Elizabeth Olsen.

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