Тэйлор Свифт уверена, что её телефон прослушивают

Scandal country singer Taylor swift with Kanye West and his wife called the artist is a real paranoia – she believes that her listening. After the wife of the rapper in order to prove his innocence, published them with the singer dialogue, Taylor was shocked that someone could so easily dispose of other people’s conversations, now she was sure it was listening. Fears celebrity, according to sources, reached paranoia.

The singer worried that everything in its environment chasing down stories and not just listening, but listening to her telephone conversations in order to sell sensation to the highest bidder. By the way, the fear that haunted her, showed up at Taylor for a long time. So, last year, in an interview on radio station Capital FM, she said
“I worry that I filmed or bugged.. this is one of my phobias”.
And in 2014, when the journalist of the edition of Rolling Stone asked her about possible wiretapping, swift bristled, “don’t talk to me about the wire. I don’t like and won’t talk about this with someone a stranger, only with my head of security. It infuriates me”.
Then, a few months before the interview, swift purchased a flat in new York for $ 15 million, and another one, smaller, for $ 5 million for his bodyguards.
The reporter asked her who would be able to eavesdrop on her in the new apartment, and received the answer:
“The maid used to pay m TMZ. I know it sounds crazy, but we may not even know who works for us. I forced myself not to think about those modern technologies which can all get into my personal life.. I never feel completely safe.
This paranoia seems to be the opposite side of glory, however, there is a swift and the real reason for this fear – so, three years ago, a fan swam three kilometers, to reach the house of a celebrity in Rhode island and personally talk to her. And this is not to mention a large number of pursuers, who were detained on land..

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