Тейлор Свифт едва не стала членом жюри присяжных

Desire Taylor swift to perform his civic duty was suppressed in its very origin a single question of the judge.

Performer scarcely took part in the jury, but because some things from her past can’t do because of possible bias and conflict of interest.

Тейлор Свифт едва не стала членом жюри присяжных

The reason for me to deny the 26-year-old celebrity to take part in court was the fact that she had filed a complaint about sexual harassment or harassment. And since the trial, where she was called, was concerned with exactly this topic, Taylor has withdrawn.

Note that for the other members of the jury who were called by the same principle, and that swift, her appearance was very surprised. Some time people just did not believe that such a big superstar can be with them in the same room.

Many began to do a selfie and post these pictures online. So the public learned that Taylor is honest, respectable and law-abiding citizen of his country.

“My mother accidentally became the jury along with Taylor swift,” enthusiastically wrote one girl in the social network and shared a photo confirming the words.

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