Тэйлор Кинни хочет вернуть Леди Гагу

Together and apart in any way difficult. Famous couple Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, who is the wedding announced her broken engagement and breakup, are ready to reunite. The lovers parted with a heavy heart, admitting that breaking up is not because between them no more feelings, but because of tight work schedules do not allow them to give each other as much attention as they would like. Now they both suffer in separation.

Recall that Lady Gaga, who has once parted with Taylor, wrote in his touching post on the social network that they with Kinney just broke up. A friend of the actor informs that his friend suffers.
“Taylor is very worried and hopes that neither will be reunited,” said the insider, and added that Kinney is ready to active actions in order to return to his beloved. Lady Gaga is also a sad one and is considering a return to the embrace of the bridegroom.
“It is very difficult to tolerate separation and hopes that he and Taylor will be able to cope with the problems. Now their chances of reunification are very high. They still love each other,” the source said.
After a breakup each of them went head first into work. Lady Gaga working on a new Studio album, and Taylor decided to focus on his film career. Insiders claim that the couple calls up every day and can spend hours talking about how was their day. It is obvious that they really miss each other. The families of celebrities are also upset about their breakup and wait, and when they again will be together.

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