Tax bills arrested the stepson tori spelling

Налоговая арестовала счета пасынка Тори Спеллинг

Mary Jo, Dean’s ex-wife McDermott, the husband of actress tori spelling, in an indescribable rage. As soon as she agreed with the father of her son on at least some monthly payments on the child, as it became known, that the tax police not only arrested the account of the debtor-DIN, but all to whom he relates. Under the distribution fell and his firstborn Jack. Eighteen-year-old kid, which this year finishes school and collects money for College, found out his Bank account arrested for debts of father.

Last week it became known that the tax police has arrested all accounts Macdermott Dean and tori spelling, and removed all the money from them in unpaid taxes, the couple who “forgot” to repay two years ago.
According to a source from the Bank, Jack opened his father and was attached to the accounts of Dean and tori, and therefore was also arrested. Insiders told the media that the guy always worked to earn money for school. Now he lost everything.
“Mary Jo is furious. She knows that Jack doesn’t deserve this” — said the insider.
Recall that the father of six children, Dean McDermott could be behind bars. Ex-wife, which he needs more than 100 thousand dollars in child support, found out that the baby shower organized in honor of the birth of the youngest son of Dean and tori, cost them 40 thousand. Eustace has filed a lawsuit against ex-husband, who begged her to agree to his terms – every two weeks he pays the eldest son of 2,5 thousand dollars.
That McDermott and spelling in debt, as in silks, has long been known. The mother of actress candy spelling, is in no hurry to help her daughter to get out of debt trap, although it could have done – deceased husband, a Hollywood producer Aaron spelling, whose darling was a Tory, left her $ 300 million inheritance.