Tatyana Vasilyeva was hounded for the “naked” photo

Татьяну Васильеву затравили за «голое» фото Stas Sadalsky showed a picture in which Tatiana Vasilieva captured half Nude. Many fans condemned 71-year-old actress for being too erotic.
Татьяну Васильеву затравили за «голое» фото

Tatiana Vasilieva is not accustomed to be ashamed of your age because at 71, she can give odds to many ladies. The actress often chooses the youth outfits, and loves to shock fans of extravagant antics.

Recently a close friend of the stars Stas Sadalsky showed an extremely candid photo Vasilyeva. It depicted a half-naked actress with curled up legs.

“All the day of youth of Russia, which referred us to Tanya Vasilyeva, after all, youth is just a state of mind and youth of the heart. However, understand that only with age,” – said Sadalsky.
Татьяну Васильеву затравили за «голое» фото

Erotic the with the participation of Vasilyeva made a lot of noise in the Network. Despite the fact that the fans of the actress have long been accustomed to her extravagant antics, overly candid frame does not fit their taste. However, this is not the first case when Stanislav Sadalsky demonstrates to the public bold photos colleagues. So, for example, recently the actor posted a photo of Tatiana Grigorievna in a bikini on the beach.

“In “the Jazz only girls”, remember? Tatiana stands at the same place where was the film. But a pretty place” – signed photograph Sadalsky.

Then Tatiana Vasilyeva were flooded with compliments. Fans are not tired to admire a star’s shape, which often gives preference to outright outfits and loves bright makeup. The actress never hid his age, but on the contrary, was very proud.

The actress doesn’t deny that it’s very important to be in good physical shape. Vasilyev works a lot, but always manages to follow him. According to star, she often visits a cosmetologist, which allows her to 70 and look just fine.

Most often the latest news in the life of Tatyana Vasilyeva shares it Stas Sadalsky. Actors not only families, but also regularly perform on the same stage. So, the man considers it a real ideal of beauty.