Tatyana Vasilyeva found a new job

Татьяне Васильевой нашли новую работу The artist took the place of Hope Babkina in the program “Fashion verdict”. Tatyana Vasileva has tried himself in the role of the expert in style. The woman appreciated the images of the guests in the Studio. Presenter Alexander Vasilyev was pleased with this cooperation.
Татьяне Васильевой нашли новую работу

The talented actress of theater and cinema Tatiana Vasilyeva took part in transfer shootings “the Fashionable sentence”. In upcoming editions of the star will replace Hope Babkin, which always assumes the role of protector. Alexander Vasiliev was glad when his namesake joined the team.

“Tatiana is attractive and charming, good taste, can give good advice regarding fashion”, “Vasiliev! Wow, super! We will be glad to see her!”, “Both fine, health!”, “Gorgeous! Always admired for her talented playing and charm,” said representatives of users of social networks to the news.

Besides, Tatiana Vassilieva started a page on Instagram to communicate with fans. Probably this idea suggested to her colleague on stage, Stanislav Sadalsky, who is actively discussing sensitive issues on the Internet. So far, the actress shares pictures from trips and shows followers extravagant images.

Apparently, one of the first editions with the participation of Vasilyeva also manifest Hrushevsky. Known parodist and entertainer shared the photo with Tatiana Grigorievna and bombarded the actress with compliments.

“With the beautiful new co-host of “Fashion Verdict”, luxurious and beautiful actress Tatyana Vasilyeva! Nice meeting nearly 20 years later! Soon in the air,” wrote Hrushevsky.

Fans of 70-year-old actress said that she did not change with age. Stanislav Sadalsky has responded to her picture together with Vasiliev and left a comment, in response to which Tatyana invited him to be chair of Nadezhda Babkina. “It would be an incredible release, no doubt!” noted celebrity.

We will remind that earlier in “the Fashionable sentence” participated Yulia Baranovskaya, Evelina Bledans, and the host of the show was outrageous Andrey Bartenev. “I act as an art therapist and convince women that it is not necessary to be afraid of changes. They believe me and then you know I’m right! After all, the men, impressed by their new image, they begin to kiss passionately”, – shared the designer with “StarHit”.