Tatyana Vasileva has shown how she do plastic surgery

Татьяна Васильева показала, как ей делают пластику The video, which depicted the procedure of lifting the face of the actress published a Moscow plastic surgery clinic in your account in Instagram. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart – it shows vividly that the beauty requires victims.

      69-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva has not just amazed his friends and fans toned figure, which many women her age can only dream of. This summer, absolutely flat belly and slender legs in pictures of people’s artist in the social network led followers in amazement, it seemed incredible that for some months before his 70th birthday celebrity may keep the body in this form. Many have suggested that the slender figure of the beloved actress is the result of the intervention of plastic surgeons.

      And here a few hours ago in the microblog one of the capital’s hospitals appeared evidence that Vasilyeva has not neglected plasticity.

      The video shows the process of one of a kind facelift – thread lifting. The face of the actress of the Theater “School of modern drama” subjected to surgical manipulation, which gives the skin a noticeable traces in the form of large hematomas. In other words, not a pleasant sight, but familiar to those who ever dare to facial rejuvenation. Under the video, signed details of the operation: it took 1 hour of time was made under local anesthesia, and the result will remain for 1-2 years.

      The very same Tatyana admits that, not just changing facial features. In particular, it rules the shape of the nose, highlighted cheekbones and adjusted the chin. Celebrity believes there is nothing wrong with the plastic there is.

      “Sometimes I’m in the subway and spend my experiment: looking for women my age and thinking how I could look. You know, I have a profession-specific, and the other does not occur, and there is no such need. But what opportunities they have, I will never believe! You can buy less sausages, and vitamin injections to accumulate. And most importantly – these results are good,” said the actress.

      Meanwhile, Vasilyev will soon become a grandmother. And apparently, a very beautiful and infinitely talented. Her son Philip a month ago, married his bride, who is in her last month of pregnancy. Chosen heir of the people’s artist was Maria Bolonkina, incidentally, is also an actress. The parents from day to day expect replenishment in the family.