Татьяна Васильева устроила эротическую уборку The actress dressed in a bikini. Tatiana Vasilieva decided to tidy your garden and sunbathing under the sun. Fans praised the 70-year-old Folk artist in fine form. They admitted that not all women can boast of such forms.

Famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva delights fans with his zest for life and sense of humor. She is not afraid to experiment with style and to appear before the public in shocking images. The actress published in the microblogging funny videos – she cleaned his garden and cut down dead branches of trees. Apparently, Tatyana decided not to miss a chance to sunbathe in Sunny weather, but because dressed in a bikini. In this form, she climbed a stepladder, holding a saw.

“I am often asked in the comments more videos to upload – here and spread! Someone today international Moscow film Festival opens in beautiful dresses walking around. And I’m sawing. With love, your Tanya”, – wrote Vasiliev in the microblog.

In the video, people’s artist hard saws off a dried branch. “What happiness that there are no men around, all you can do yourself”, – says Tatyana and regrets that among her gardening tools no chainsaws.

Fans were delighted with the sense of humor of the artist. But most of them struck by the figure of a 70-year-old Vasilyeva.

“What luck that men are not around, all you can do it by myself” – I’m taking the phrase itself. Will husband say in some situations”, “Tatiana, I was laughing! Here you give! Class! Fire, figure what you have, Yes it is better to lay out than walking on the red carpet. I was stunned, and even forgot how old you are, well done!”, “You with that figure just right on the red carpet in dresses walking around, and translucent”, “God! I lost the gift of speech. You’re perfect! Ah, what a woman, super,” wrote a follower.

Actor Stas Sadalsky could not stay indifferent to the video and expressed their emotions. “Well, who would believe that the girl eighth decade? A maximum of three. And me, kid, razdevaetsya obscenely in the light, although only 24 years”, – said the artist in a microblog.

Not so long ago, Tatiana Vasilieva surprised fans in an unexpected way – I shaved my head. Fans were amazed by the courage of the artist who has decided to part with my hair. They could not understand what is the reason for such a bold transformation of their beloved actress. Tatyana hurried to explain its position.

“People who ask questions. How do I put this so as not to offend, but to convey his idea to you. You are very incorrect, it’s rude to ask such questions to ask in the comments on my page of me in the third person, “Why is she bald?” This is unacceptable. I feel so comfortable. I play for 25 performances per month, in different parts of our vast country. My character different from the character and to the ends of hair. So I hasten to reassure you. I’m not sick, not hurt and to hurt do not plan to. Shaved head – my choice. This is my comfort,” wrote the actress in the microblog.