Татьяна Васильева изумила подтянутой фигурой в мини-бикини
The actress is not shy to pose in a swimsuit at age 71.

Tatiana Vasilieva

Photo: Social networks

Tatyana Vasilyeva is a role model for many women. The actress shows that at age 71 you can look great in a bikini on the beach, most importantly, to stay fit and not skip a workout in the gym. And of those defects which are not amenable to correction by these methods, people’s artist works in tandem with a plastic surgeon. The result is amazing close to Vasilyeva, as well as her fans.

Recently Tatiana flew with his family to Italy. Now microblog actress every day is filled with vivid pictures of resort Tor San Lorenzo. The last published images Vasiliev shamelessly posing for the photographer in a tiny bikini. The photos resonated in the social network.

Of course, most of the comments under a beach photo shoot Tatiana written in a positive way. “Great! Love yourself always! In youth and age! And let all drown! Admire!”, “In great shape”, “Nice to see. The eye is pleased. Way to go, Tatyana!” — writing fans Vasilyeva. There were, however, without moralizing. Many people think that show off the figure in a bikini in old age — not comme Il faut. On this subject in the discussion of photos of the actress got into a furious argument.

The long-awaited vacation? in the photo there are five of us, by the way! Guess who’s the fifth? ?

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