Татьяна Устинова раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения The writer managed to lose about 100 pounds. Tatyana Ustinova told how she was able to achieve tremendous success. Children, women stressed that it is very proud of her achievements.
Татьяна Устинова раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения

Tatyana Ustinova is considered one of the most popular authors in Russia. Her detectives diverge enormous circulation, some works of the writer were filmed. However, the star is proud of his other achievement: in just a few years she managed to lose almost 100 pounds.

Earlier Ustinov told me that she had to drop the weight for medical reasons. Because of the large mass of the body in her began to swell up, problems with the heart and General health. In the program “Hello, Andrew!”children of the writer revealed some secrets about her weight loss.

“Mom hasn’t been eating. Sometimes I think it can fast for several days. And that’s assuming that she cooks really well. Besides, mom’s iron willpower. If she said that losing weight, you will sweat in the gym and starve, but you will achieve results,” – said the eldest son stars Timothy.
Татьяна Устинова раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения

According to Ustinova, such achievements inspired her children. Tatiana did not want to continue to risk your health, so it has adopted some strict diet, which is still regularly turn.

Communicating with Andrey Malakhov, Ustinov remembered Tatyana’s day 2001, when faced with incredible shock. Then the doctors declared a young woman that her youngest son is terminally ill.

“They said that the child has a kidney problem, it is urgent to do surgery. I was just in shock. He then barely a month old. Came home and mom told me that today is a holiday – St. Tatiana’s day, it should be noted. And problems will be solved tomorrow. I agreed and the next day went back to the hospital. In the end it turned out that the baby is completely healthy, and they’re something mixed up. But if I immediately rushed to do the operation? No idea what would happen” – remembered Ustinov.

Guests present in the Studio said that after weight loss, Ustinov began to look just gorgeous. Andrei Malakhov showed old photographs of the writer, which it is simply impossible to know.

Tatyana admitted that he feels great. Fans are sure that now the star of literature is in the best physical shape and I hope that it will please them interesting works.