Tatyana Tereshina tired of betrayal

Татьяна Терешина устала от предательства
The singer admitted that she a lot of times the “beat life”.

Татьяна Терешина устала от предательства

Tatyana Tereshina

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Tatyana Tereshina sure that there is nothing worse than betrayal in life. The singer admitted,
she was tired to leave, tired of betrayal. “I realized that I was
tired to leave. From betrayals tired. No, I don’t know the word treason, but
there are worse betrayals. Especially when you suffer from them at once
a few people. And I want to be loved, says Tereshina. — I
up to the last minute and to the last breath felt a sense of delight to their mother
the “old man”. The most beautiful thing is when you are waiting for when you
care and instead want nothing more than a kind smile. I absolutely
unfairly for so long felt so much pain and evil I know one thing, I have
there is a lot of light. Otherwise, the law bands will be broken”.

To the word with the father of her daughter Tatiana Tereshina ARIS
broke up almost immediately after birth.
The couple officially broke up after 4.5 years of relationship. The news about the decision
to break off relations with the father of her daughter, ARIS singer said on Instagram, as
it previously did and Victoria Lopyreva. To immediately stop all the rumors, talk
and speculation, Tereshina told the public about what was
the cause of the crash they Nikitin family happiness. As it turned out, Tatiana
could no longer put up with the “explosive” nature of the beloved: “He is psychopathic,
unstable, extremely aggressive, even ashamed to write how! It absolutely
doesn’t stop the presence of a child, an elderly person in the face of my mother and
of course, once “beloved” women. I just fear for the health of our families and their
including.Many times I have forgiven the man his awful intemperate behavior, but
I ran out of patience.”

Tanya Tereshina also referred to his ex-lover
through microblogging and urged him not to speculate on the breakup and behave
with dignity.”Unfortunately, people sometimes break up. I’m a grown woman and have priorities
me right. Most important to me that my child was healthy for him
I live in the first place, and in the current family situation, my daughter can
to stress because of the licentious conduct of her father. It’s my choice and my
decision,” concluded the star.

Tatiana Tereshina with her daughter

Photo: Instagram.com