Татьяна Терешина вышла из себя из-за новости о беременности
The singer aggressively responded to the greetings of fans.

Tatyana Tereshina

Photo: Social networks

Recently Tatyana Tereshina very late celebrated his birthday. In the Metropolitan restaurant on the occasion of a dinner party was organized, to which the singer invited the closest friends. According to eyewitnesses, on the occasion, the actress appeared in the dress, which gave her rounded belly. This has been noticed by fans of Tatiana, carefully examine photos from the festival. The media has reported that during a party Tereshina allegedly told his friends about the future replenishment in family. However, in social networks, the singer denies that waiting for a baby.

Under the photo, where she shows a changed figure, fans congratulated her on the pregnancy. The reaction of the ex-soloist of the group Hi-Fi were negative. “People love to gossip! Well, I ate tightly crabs and oysters! What to get better?” — meet the commentators Tereshina. And one of the fans, prestigiosa singer because, they say, it’s silly to hide the obvious, Tatiana replied Mat. Rough reaction of the singer surprised her subscribers.

Recall that recently Tatyana has told about preparation for the wedding. She recently received from her beloved’s proposal of marriage. About the groom Tatiana almost nothing is known. Apparently, the young man does not aspire to be a part of public life Tereshinoy. The singer don’t even mention the name of the beloved. In its publications, references to it are held under the alias “Mr. grey”. As it became known fans of the actress, who noted the resemblance of the groom Tereshinoy with actor Jamie Dornan, who played a major role in the franchise “50 shades of grey”.