Tatyana Ovsienko has waited a loved one out of jail and married

Татьяна Овсиенко дождалась любимого из тюрьмы и выходит замуж

Popular pop singer of the 90s, the singer of hits “happiness” and “trucker”, 51-year-old Tatiana Ovsienko waited six years for his lover Alexandra Merkulova from prison. In may, he was released and a month later made his beloved proposal of marriage. The singer agreed without hesitation. Tatiana Ovsienko told how she had to start all over again with her lover.

All these years, the singer faithfully waiting for her beloved, businessman Alexander Merkulov, from places of deprivation of liberty. Although relatives and friends of Tatiana objected and tried to dissuade her from a relationship with a man who was in prison. However Ovsiyenko did not betray a loved one.
In early may, Merkulov released from custody. He returned to Tatyana, and the lovers began to live together. Soon Alexander asked for the hand of Ovsienko. He presented her with an exquisite diamond ring in a live program of Andrey Malakhov “Let them talk”. The singer replied Yes.
Good news about your wedding plans on Instagram shared Ovsienko, singer Roman Zhukov. He was present at a solemn moment. In his microblog Zhukov wrote: “Tanya Ovsienko made an offer directly into the program Malakhov”.
Now the lovers establish a joint life. Ovsiyenko does not hide that it is very difficult. Began the phase of “adaptation”: it is necessary to make concessions and sometimes to adapt. And this is despite the fact that all the years she corresponded with Alexander Merkulov and made plans for the future together.
Tatiana Ovsienko with your beloved are going to get back to normal life. She plans to return to the stage, and Merkulov will, as before, to do business. According to Tatyana, in 6 years she’s missed a lot, because I could not work normally due to collapsing pressure. Ovsienko was going with the forces and wants to continue his career.
We will remind, Alexander Merkulov was sentenced for the assassination of the businessman, the owner JSC “Petersburg oil terminal” Sergey Vasileva. Civil husband Ovsienko was arrested in 2011 in Yalta and brought to Moscow. All this time the singer was supported by any person, and to pay lawyers, he gave 20 concerts in a month.
Alexander Merkulov was serving a sentence in a luxury prison Matrosskaya Tishina.