Tatyana Ovsienko has made an unsuccessful plastic surgery?

Татьяна Овсиенко сделала неудачную пластическую операцию?
The actress has startled fans with a changed face.

Tatiana Ovsiyenko

Photo: @ovsienko_tatiana Instagram Tatiana Ovsiyenko

Tatiana Ovsienko attracted criticism users. The artist has published in the microblog pictures, which showed “the new face”. Fans of stars of the 90s suspect Ovsienko not long ago went to a plastic surgeon and made changes to his appearance.

Fans of the 51-year-old Ovsienko decided that the stars face looks “dragged”, what happens after surgery for the facelift. “Well done! Circular lifting is done? Spicy detail: the underarm is better to hide, issue age,” “This is Tatiana? A completely different face… Why?” “What are you all a doing? So to pull a face,but it should be recognizable and not a stranger”, “so I wouldn’t know for anything”, “Tatiana, don’t do anything more with the face, and then we really cease to learn” — appealed to Ovsienko followers.

By the way, in a similar situation recently was Elena Malysheva, Yulia Rutberg. It is worth noting that in the pursuit of youth and beauty of stars often losing my mind. They just can’t stop the pursuit of improvement. At the same time, there are well-known figures of show business, who manages to keep a fresh appearance for many years. For example, Angelica recently admitted that he never resorted to plastic surgeons and even pursued a course of Botox injections.