Tatyana Ovsienko difficult to establish a life with her fiance after prison

Татьяне Овсиенко непросто наладить быт с женихом после тюрьмы The singer admitted that they have to start all over again. For six years Tatyana Ovsienko was waiting for the elect Alexandra Merkulova from places of deprivation of liberty. Despite the fact that it discouraged from a relationship with a man she betrayed a loved one.

In early may, a popular singer of the 90s Tatyana Ovsienko met his beloved Alexandra Merkulova after serving a sentence in prison. The man was released from custody after six years in prison. The chosen celebrity was convicted of attempt at the businessman. In spite of that, the artist believes in his innocence. Now, when the man was released, she received his proposal of marriage. Engagement in the air: Tatiana Ovsiyenko getting married

Now the pair establishes a joint life. Tatiana admits that throughout the time that Alexander spent in the colony, they were chatting and making plans for the future together. Now, when Merkulov was released, the pair have rebuilt their relationship.

“On the fifth of June was only a month since he’s home. And again, our relationship starts first. In this separation we have already wrote many letters to each other, because I already knew where he was, what happened to him. This year we had to just to survive. And so we did. Now the “grinding” begins anew. Not to say that to us it is easy, but I know it should, otherwise nothing,” said Ovsienko.

The singer admitted that she was difficult to live through a period when her loved one was arrested. She felt so depressed that I couldn’t fully work. Tatiana knew that she shouldn’t be depressed, but any way to keep vivacity of spirit. She searched for the strength to lead a normal lifestyle. Now, when all the suffering is left behind, and Alexander was standing next to her, the actress can once again fully work to the delight of fans.

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“I still apologize to his team close for what was virtually absent in recent years. I’m glad to be back to their usual life — without a job I am dying, suffocating, like a fish out of water. It was like existence, but I still found the strength to positive, kept myself and believed that it will be over soon, that all this is temporary difficulties,” admitted Ovsienko in conversation with journalists Woman.ru.