Татьяна Ларина рассказала о новом избраннике
The news about the divorce of the stars of the TV project “Battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina and her husband Julius Mitkevich-Dalecki was a shock to her fans.

Татьяна Ларина рассказала о новом избраннике

After the divorce the woman for a long time could not recover, she and her husband parted not on friendly terms. But finally Tatiana has found a new love and introduced him posting a picture together.

Татьяна Ларина рассказала о новом избраннике

“All probably wonder what a young guy with me?! It’s time to tell you about a new phase of my life. I met a man who I can rely on as a woman. In whose hands I can stay warm and forget about all the betrayals and evil, sent to my address. His name is Vladimir Kahn. Vladimir is not only my rock, but promising aspiring mixed martial arts fighter MMA. And like a true woman, I decided to help him to realize, to become a champion. Now I’m not only psychic, but also a producer and with his team has long been negotiating with various promotions on performance in the tournament. Soon you will learn, when and at what tournament are my favorite, and I hope with me will support it,” said the witch.

Fans are happy that finally Larina glows with happiness, because after the separation from her husband she was in a gloomy mood.

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