Татьяна Ларина в сложной ситуации позвонила бывшему мужу
A few months ago wife Tatyana Larina and Julius Mitkevich-dalecki broke up on the initiative of Tatiana.

Татьяна Ларина в сложной ситуации позвонила бывшему мужу

Husband cheated Larina, and she found out about it and are unable to forgive.

The witch is in trouble, the attackers set fire to her car. In an emergency, the woman turned to the ex-spouse.

“Tatiana called me in a panic, I immediately went to her. At first we didn’t understand what happened – but later it became clear that this is not just a problem in the car, the car was on fire. It is already difficult to understand who did it – apparently, detractors Thani. She’s still in shock from the incident – I helped her to call the emergency services and deal with the documents,” said Julius.

It should be noted that after the breakup Larina changed the style of clothing, began to wear bright colors.

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