Татьяна Котова зажгла на концерте Бейонсе Tatyana Kotova was found with his idol, singer Beyonce. The artist was delighted by the concert colleagues on the stage and even managed to catch some professional points that will help them improve their own work.

A reason Beyonce is called Diva and the most popular artist in the world. In her statement, collecting the entire stadium, everyone wants to get there, and Tatyana Kotova recently had a similar opportunity. On holiday in Milan, she attended a concert Jay-Z & Ooopsie.

Recently, the artist not so often appears before the public, because recently, she again became a mother. American pop diva presented her husband with twins, a son Sam and daughter Rumi. However, despite maternal care, Beyonce is still one of the most popular singers of the world tour schedule which is planned for the years ahead.

The concert called Tatyana Kotova a lot of impressions, which it is actively shared on social networks.

“Beyoncé, I fell in love a couple of years ago, then I just conquered her radiant energy” – says Tatiana.

According to the former soloist of group “VIA Gra”, the American pop diva captivates every listener with its charm. Despite the fact that the concert was attended by thousands of people, Kotova managed to get an incredible experience from the performance of Beyonce.

Tanya was inspired by the concert and even dedicated to this event for a post on his Instagram , where she shared her emotions, told a story about how their company came to be in the pouring rain and commented on the concert in General. According to Tatiana , Beyoncé on stage was not enough and the girls wanted to enjoy her work, but every time it appeared instead of Jay-Z.

“She’s a machine, the machine number one in the world that hardly ever breaks down, its performance, and dance in particular — is very powerful, but slightly aggressive, it is felt that she is tired in the round,” commented Tatiana.

She Kotova denies that he wants to achieve the same incredible professional level. She is ready to work day and night to one day also to excite the crowd and become an idol for millions of listeners around the world.

The fans support Tatiana in her quest to develop, because the limit of perfection, as we know, no.