Tatyana Gevorkyan fights cellulite

Татьяна Геворкян борется с целлюлитом
The presenter tried “endosphere therapy”.

Татьяна Геворкян борется с целлюлитом

Tatiana Gevorgyan

Photo: Instagram.com

Only a couple weeks left until the summer. But Tatiana Gevorgyan ready for the season of short shorts and open shirts! TV presenter found a great, and most importantly, fast
the only way to get rid of the hated kilograms and cellulite, but also improve
skin. Tatiana stands for advanced technology, and in particular for
hardware cosmetology.

“When summer is on
nose, and you’re still not ready to bare my arms and legs, one solution is to find a cool
specialist body (and preferably several) and give them my body says
Gevorgyan. — No, not at the mercy of, and
a pleasant procedure, which in a few weeks will turn you into a man
nice not only inside but also outside.”

The presenter tried the procedure “Endosfera therapy” —
this manipulation with the help of a special apparatus. It is a special nozzle inside
which type of a honeycomb, a plurality of rotating with a predetermined
the speed of the rollers. The purpose of the technique is the reduction
the volume of body fat, increased muscle tone, eliminate sagging skin
and faster tightening after a sharp decline in body weight.

“Endosfera and a
other effective procedures that in a few weeks will remove the extra pounds and
hone is the best shape any photoshop. I decided to try a few different
procedures, but beginning with a marine exfoliation, wraps and Japanese my favorite
endosphere, ” says Gevorgyan. — Surprisingly, after body treatments
the result is evident even on the face.”

Tatiana Gevorgyan

Photo: Instagram.com

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