Татьяна Догилева страдает из-за нищенской пенсии The actress was advised to submit the documents for the title of “Veteran of labour”. Tatyana Dogileva believes that Alla Pugacheva, receiving from the state a little money, very lucky, because she has a well-earning spouse. Famous actress forced to accept work in the series to survive.
Татьяна Догилева страдает из-за нищенской пенсии

Known actress Tatyana Dogileva, who created vivid characters in such iconic films as “the Pokrovskie gate”, “Blonde around the corner”, “Station for two”, “Forgotten melody for flute” followed by Alla Pugacheva started talking about the amount of the pension which she was appointed by the government.

According to the actress, her service to the country is estimated at fourteen thousand. That is how much of Tatyana Dogileva, celebrated this year the 60th anniversary, receives a monthly after retirement.

Татьяна Догилева страдает из-за нищенской пенсии“Alla Borisovna even fortunate enough to have a pension of 14 thousand rubles, which is “minimal” in Moscow. So the state valued my services. Although, to be honest, I expect nothing from the state do not wait. Just think this is a terrible injustice,” shared Tatyana Dogileva with journalists.

The actress also recalled that films with her participation at the time gave very good fees, and in General, cinema in the Soviet times was very profitable. So a very popular artist, thanks to his talent regularly replenish state coffers. But her money was not there.

“I think he could do so little: my films watched by millions of people, the money went to the state Treasury”, – with bitterness has noticed Tatyana Dogileva.
Татьяна Догилева страдает из-за нищенской пенсии

Recall that the amount of pension Alla Pugacheva discussed in the Network in the middle of this week, when the Internet surfaced congratulations to Diva at the wedding of her grandson Nikita Presnyakov. Turning to the newlyweds, Alla expressed the hope that they will cope with life on their own. The star also admitted that being a pensioner does not receive large payments from the state. The amount of the benefit prima Donna not announced, but previously this information appeared. So, when Pugachev in 55 years of retirement, she was granted a pension of two thousand rubles, over time she grew older. And two years ago was 10700 rubles. Alla Pugacheva has opened the size of his pension

As for Tatyana Dogileva, despite health problems, the actress is forced to continue working. Otherwise, she just doesn’t have anything to live. According to star, the staff Pension Fund, sympathize with her, but anything I can do to help is advice. “In a Pension Fund lovely women looked at me with great compassion. They advised me to submit the documents for obtaining the title of “Veteran of labour” – it gives 500-ruble allowance for housing and communal services”, – admitted Tatyana Dogileva in an interview with news Agency URA.RU.