Татьяна Догилева пожаловалась на мизерную пенсию
The actress followed Pugacheva told about his financial situation.

Tatyana Dogileva


For several days discussing the statement of Alla Pugacheva on her small pension. Diva joked that he hoped another year to “stretch” on the state. Alla Borisovna, as journalists found out, really gets a modest pension payment, but the plight of Pugacheva difficult to call. On the eve of her husband Maxim Galkin reassured anxious fans: he earns enough to provide for his large family.

And if the prima Donna in this sense, lucky, what do the other retired artists who live in modest payments? Tatyana Dogileva, for example, said that receives 14 thousand rubles per month. At the same time, she wonders what all her services (films with her participation in the Soviet times brought the state a good profit) remained “unaccounted for”.

Recently Dogileva invited to apply for the rank “Veteran of labor” to receive a supplementary pension. It is in this case is “excessive” savings of 500 rubles. The artist does not hide that very disappointed with the size of his pension. Naturally, the actress, even in retirement, continues to work to maintain my standard of living.

“Alla Borisovna even fortunate enough to have a pension of 14 thousand rubles, which is “minimal” in Moscow. So the state valued my services. Although, to be honest, I expect nothing from the state do not wait. Just think this is a terrible injustice. I think he could do so little: my films watched by millions of people, the money went to the state Treasury.

The Pension Fund lovely women looked at me with great compassion. They advised me to submit the documents for obtaining the title of “Veteran of labour” — it gives 500-ruble allowance for housing and communal services” — quoted Tatyana URA.ru.