Татьяна Догилева: «Дочь хотела сменить фамилию, чтобы дистанцироваться от меня»
The actress first spoke about why her only daughter at 17 and left home.

Tatyana Dogileva daughter

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

Tatyana Dogileva is recognized that the relationship with the daughter she has not always been rosy. However, the actress believes that partly to blame for her profession: “I later gave birth to Kate, at the age of 37. I have to admit that children have always had a horror of these little creatures that prevent adults to live. I’ve been rest assured that the main part of my life — a career that did not understand the purpose of children. Until suddenly at some point my life became completely empty: the work has not attracted as much as before, the country has changed a lot. A huge void was a period of severe depression from which I came out on their own — and it turned out that I’m pregnant.”

The daughter of actress grew up very sickly child, but during adolescence has flourished and has grown into a real beauty. Follow in the footsteps of mother Kate refused — too well knew, how difficult the acting profession. But other could not decide. “It is funny, Tatiana called her friend-the actress and asked, “Hey, what’s your normal occupation?” She said, “Doctor”, apparently because one of her sons went to study in medical school. So Tatiana and Kate, who spoke perfect English and knew two languages, so decided she may be a year will go to Cambridge, tighten your language, and with acting, she will understand.

In result Kate while studying in London he entered the preparatory courses in theatre Institute, and then successfully auditioned at the American Academy of dramatic arts. “There was a time when the daughter said, “anywhere, not only an actress!”, — says Tatiana. And at some point she wanted to distance herself from me, to be an independent person and not a daughter Dogileva. In principle I didn’t mind — Dr. Benjamin Spock were trained to respect the child’s personality! But, apparently, all variants of the surname, which arose at Katie, have not been good enough”.

Full interview of Tatiana Dogileva read in magazine “7 Days”. Now!

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