Татьяна Буланова рассказала об отношениях с молодым мужем
The singer thought about his age.

Tatiana Bulanova and her husband Vladislav Radimov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Tatiana Bulanova is not often spread about his personal life. Several times I slipped in the press reports that the singer is close to divorce with the young husband — Vladislav Radimov. However, each time the couple has found a way to overcome family difficulties and save your marriage. That, according to the artist, is the main secret of strong relationships and why she’s not afraid of aging, she told me the other day.

“Extraordinary thing, the time! While you are young and full of energy, it seems that it has no effect on you and you will be able to deceive him. But nature is not fooled. And then,after all that time, and begins almost physically feel that life is not static. And it’s great! And if you have the person loving all your wrinkles, quirks, moods, people who found a common language with your mind — this is real happiness! I am a realist in life, but all wish to meet “their” rights, then time and age will be you allies!” — posted by Tatiana.

Incidentally, the 47-year-old Bulanova does not look his age. And help her in this strict diet, on which she sits with the youth. But for the skin, the singer helps care professional cosmetologist, thanks to which the singer boasts of a fresh look.

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