Tatyana Bulanova: “to Be mistress humiliating…”

Татьяна Буланова: «Быть любовницей унизительно...»
The singer told about the most significant novel.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

Photo: @buslya Instagram Tatiana Bulanova

Tatiana Bulanova and I recently divorced from her second husband — Vladislav Radimov. Despite the breakup, the couple remained in good terms and even continued to live in the same house. Rumor has it that Bulanova parted ways with football coach over a former lover. She herself admits, she had never had relations with married men. She condemns women who take courtship from “employed” suitors.

“In the 14-15 years I’ve learned that you cannot contact a non-free person, married is generally taboo. Now from height of the lived years, I can say that mistress humiliating. I think so, although I have never been anyone’s mistress. It demeans and wife, and the one that messed with a married man. But to blame that man…” — says Tatiana.

On the set of “Honest” artist with undisguised sadness talked about the beginning of a passionate love affair with Radimov. She clearly says that she was then “blown away from love” and it was perfect. It took 11 years and it ended sad, but Bulanova hopes that she’ll be lucky and she will find happiness in his personal life. Although understand what a strong sense, as in the case with the second one, is unlikely to come to her again.

“The last time I experienced a feeling of complete happiness when I fell in love with her second husband. It was something incredible. I’d love to experience this feeling at least once in life. I don’t even know what it was. They say: blown away and I really blew it. There was a biochemical process that has affected me well and externally and internally. Unfortunately, last forever this can’t…” — comment on the personal life of Tatiana.