Tatyana Bulanova is difficult to talk about conflict in the family

Татьяне Булановой трудно говорить о конфликте в семье On his page in the social network actress posted a photo from second husband Vladislav Radimov. Violent reaction of followers called the comment left by a singer under the photo.

      Татьяне Булановой трудно говорить о конфликте в семье

      In his microblog Tatiana Bulanova put a picture together with her husband, who was accompanied by a record of betrayal. She shared with followers their feelings about the situation in his personal life. The reaction of the subscribers was predictable, although for many the statement of the actress was unexpected. They never imagined that the star is so serious family problems.

      “I don’t know what’s more disgusting: the betrayal of a close, as I thought, a person, or friend. Apparently, or so I thought. Probably close to betrayal harder and scarier. I hate to whine and complain, and most likely will delete this post later, but, whether because it’s almost morning, or something. Just a little bit cry in your waistcoat” – posted by Bulanova in Instagram.

      The singer did not hide anything from the fans and unambiguously told that her care at the moment. Speaking about the betrayal of a spouse and close friend, Tatyana did not give any details of the incident. However, it was enough that subscribers started to worry about her fate. The press has repeatedly appeared information that the second marriage of the performer can be destroyed, however, in the end, it’s not been confirmed. “StarHit” contacted the singer to clarify the cause that motivated her to publish the picture with Vladislav Radimov and to accompany such a comment.

      “Now is not the time to discuss, I need to figure this out by myself, and premature reviews I do not want to give”, – explained the artist.

      Probably, today this issue is painful for Bulanova, so she refrains to comment on the situation. For her friends, and Network users question my husband remained open.

      Recall that Tatiana was married to Vladislav in 2005. From the second marriage she has a nine-year son Nikita. The head of the family has not spoke on this matter. Anyway, the subscribers hope that the singer and the player will be able to resolve the conflict. Tatiana Bulanova spoke for the first time about the betrayal