Tatyana Bulanova has confirmed her divorce from her husband

Татьяна Буланова подтвердила развод с мужем The singer is very difficult to speak on a personal subject. Tatyana Bulanova need time to experience emotional drama. The star admitted that he does not know and does not understand what to do next, and asked temporarily not to ask her questions about the separation with her husband Vladislav Radimov.

      Татьяна Буланова подтвердила развод с мужем

      The singer Tatyana Bulanova and the football player Vladislav Radimov divorced after eleven years of marriage. The news in an interview to journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV star confirmed personally. However, to go into the details of the divorce Bulanova refused. It is obvious that the singer is still very difficult to speak on this subject – the wound is still too fresh. Probably Bulanova need time to recover. And it is possible that a little later, fans of the actress will know the details of her broken family life, and the reasons for the separation from her husband.

      Татьяна Буланова подтвердила развод с мужем“You know, Yes, we divorced, but I have to comment as I didn’t want. I did not yet know or understand. I time out you take?”, – said Tatiana Bulanova in a telephone conversation with representatives of NTV.

      The star has made it clear that it is very difficult to talk about personal things. Not so easy to undo eleven years of marriage, which had plenty of joyful moments – and a romantic meeting with her future husband, whom she came to interview star reporter, and a dream wedding, and the birth of the youngest son Nikita. Tatyana Bulanova has never concealed that the strength and inspiration she draws in the family.

      The fans hope that gleam in his eyes and the desire to be happy after divorce, their idol is not lost, because Bulanova there is strong support in the face of her two sons. Elder Alexander – from his marriage to producer Nikolai Tagriny, 23. He graduated from the University of trade and Economics. Junior Nikita age 9, he plays football. Tatiana Bulanova put a lot of effort to educate boys decent people. And now for her most importantly, her sons were happy.

      We will remind, the singer hinted at a breakup with my husband a couple of days ago by posting in the microblog post of gratitude Vladislav Radimov for the years spent together. Tatiana Bulanov announced yet another breakup with her husband

      It is true, then fans could only wonder – divorced star wife officially or talking about breaking up, which may well end in reconciliation. Did before in this family there were misunderstandings and conflicts are always happily resolved. But as it turned out, this time the divorce took place.