Tatyana Arntgolts was reunited with her ex-husband

Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединилась с бывшим мужем
The actress shows an idyllic relationship with Ivan by Jidkova.

Ivan Zhidkov and Tatiana Arntgolts with her daughter Masha

Photo: @Instagram ivancarevich1 Ivan Zhidkova

Recently Tatyana Arntgolts reunited with her ex-husband Ivan by Jidkova. Meeting the ex-spouses occurred on the occasion of the birthday of their mutual friend. There with one of the parents came their common daughter Mary. In social networks the former spouse of the actress has posted a rare family photo, in which the family Arntgolts was depicted in the “same composition”.

“These are the times, on the birthday of our wonderful agent, crossed!” — commented on the meeting Zhidkov. Friends of the couple said that the idyllic relationship of Tatiana and Ivan are worthy of praise. “It’s great when parents after divorce a good relationship!”, “And still look good. Isn’t it?”, “You are so well done that after a breakup continue to be friends. You have a beautiful daughter!” — written by the followers of Ivan.

Interestingly, many netizens believe that the current darling of Ivan, who gave him a son, Stepan, is not happy with this photo. “And the current wife is okay with this sudden intersections?”, “Close to Ivan now another woman and they had a son! Why are these photos in the Network to publish?” — surprised some friends Zhidkova.

Recall that the wedding of Ivan and Tatiana took place in 2008. A year later they had a daughter Mary. Shortly before her fourth birthday, Arntgolts and Zhidkov was divorced.