Tatyana Arntgolts: “Friends with her ex-husband for your daughter”

Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери» The actress said, who takes the main place in her heart. Tatiana appears in the series “the Bait for the angel.” On the eve of the start of the project star shared as combines career and motherhood.
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»

Twins Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts childhood confuse even native. And when the sisters began to appear, has fans not able to distinguish between them on the screen. This time we solved the puzzle for you: new project, which will be only Tatiana, starts on 2 October on the channel “Russia 1”. The plot of the series “the Bait for an angel” family drama. In an interview with “StarHit” the star shared how to combine a film career with working moms and what happens in her personal life.

Dad’s copy

Tatiana, your heroine Daria is going through due to the fact that he lost his sister. Fortunately, you and Olga are always together. But the guilt I was experiencing in front of her friends or family?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Of course, like everyone else. Despite the fact that pay enough attention to education of the daughter, sometimes I catch myself thinking, what I’d like to spend more time with Mary. But it is not always possible because of work. On the other hand, kids need to develop independence. And my character seizes the conscience from long history, they will learn very soon. We with the Director have tried to “humanize” Dasha, whose image was originally a woodcut. Added irony, the qualities of the soul.—
How long did the show? Took Masha to yourself?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Project “angel Bait” consists of 16 episodes, it lasted four months. Immediately liked the script – it’s a good story about family values. Filmed in Moscow, the last two years working in the capital. Very convenient, because in the morning time to collect Mary and take to school, and in the evening to pick her up. But on the court’s daughter is nothing to do – it’s childish in the process. The more Mary learns in the second grade.
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»She recently turned eight years old, and she’s still finding herself. In the summer I went to horse camp and fell in love with horses. Now we look for the appropriate school. Despite the fact that the very fear of these animals, Mary not interfere. Like – let him try.—
Who Masha more similar in character – you or dad?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»It seems to me that the Pope (actor Ivan Zhidkov. – Approx. “StarHit”). But Joe believes that is the same on both, and Mary – be our mix.—
After her divorce in 2013, you managed to keep the friendship. Whose merit is it?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Mutual. I first of all thought about the baby and not about yourself. Therefore, we should not have too much effort to leave peacefully. Ivan supported a good relationship, talk on the phone almost every day. Mary is often seen with dad. Together they go to a movie.—
Ivan will soon become a dad for the second time. Masha happy?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Of course, she’s waiting for a brother or sister and understand that dad has another family. We all communicate.
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»
As the daughter relates to your popularity?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»I like that Mary is not asking to write it in the theatre, says he wants to be an actress. She’s growing up a normal kid, studying in a regular school, attends it with pleasure. They have a good class. I am glad that, for all its sociability daughter in something shy. In my opinion, the younger generation lacks this quality.

On an emotional level

Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»
You and Olga close relationship?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Yes. We are constantly in touch by phone. And see each other whenever possible. She’s my the closest person. My sister and special characters on an emotional level. If it is bad, I can not fully enjoy life. Oli’s daughter – Anya, she’s four years old. They with Masha as sisters. Go to visit each other. As kids play, my sister and you.—
You were born in Kaliningrad, and your parents still live there. Never thought to move them?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Such thoughts arose. But they do not want. Dad still works in the theater and will continue for a while. And my mother cannot live without him. So regularly visit them. In Kaliningrad a more mild climate, clean air, sea.—
It seems that since the “Simple truths” outwardly you haven’t changed. It’s genetics?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Yes. Thank you parents for the great genes. I’m rarely in beauty salons and not sit on diets. Sweet don’t like, not fond of fast food, soda, don’t drink. The only play sports with a personal trainer.—
There is an opinion that it is better to choose a few from their professional environment. Agree?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Here you can not guess. Fate is unpredictable, in my experience. Therefore, we must rejoice in the fact that you have dignity and take any turns. To live honestly and be kind. All this is written in the biblical commandments.
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»
Your heart is now free? How to be a man to please you?
Татьяна Арнтгольц: «Дружу с бывшим мужем ради дочери»Yes, I’m one. I don’t even know how… Smart, wise, talented.—
You work a lot. And how do you like to relax?
I need to change the setting. Love to travel, and can be. Doing chores, cleaning, we with Masha walk in the yard. And I love to go shopping and choose foods. Get real pleasure from this process.