Татьяна Арнтгольц объяснила, как будет воспитывать сына The national star of the TV series decided to openly tell you what will be taught from childhood child. According to Tatiana, the future of the man she from an early age will begin to instill the ideals of Patriarchy.
Татьяна Арнтгольц объяснила, как будет воспитывать сына

Tatyana Arntgolts rarely talks about the secret. The actress admits that doesn’t like to advertise personal life, but child rearing, the star decided to share with fans.

According to Tatiana, her family was always dominated by the Patriarchy. The values that she received from her parents, the actress plans to transfer to heirs. Arntgolts noted that the girl from an early age obliged to learn how to cook, and the son needs to learn how to repair any items in the home.

Татьяна Арнтгольц объяснила, как будет воспитывать сына “Our dad has Golden hands still. He always did everything in the house himself. Mom was cooking, I equip the center, taught me and my sister Olga. I still have her spy and text: “Mom, write a recipe”, “What did you put in to make it so delicious?”. For me, strange phenomenon, if a woman can’t cook, as a man who does not have a suitcase with tools, and he can’t collect a child’s bed, something with a hammer to score. I think that girls and boys have from childhood is going to become real women and men. Unfortunately, this simple truth, in which I was raised, now somehow gone. I think that in this respect much depends on their parents,” shared Tatiana.
Татьяна Арнтгольц объяснила, как будет воспитывать сына

Daughter of actress Masha will soon turn 8 years old. Known mom tries to out the girls rose a good hostess, so from an early age, heir to the stars knows how to cook. In recognition of the actress, she dreams about her son, who will raise as a real man.

“Explain to Masha that she was mistress of the future. If God wills and I ever had a son, I will teach him that he is a man in the house. On him will rest the wife, and he must have Golden hands to be able to collect, to dig, to repair. It is our values, culture can not be overlooked. Cannot be so that all were able only to do a selfie and write in social networks. People today are crazy with this Instagram” – said the actress.

Arntgolts noted that for a long time could not get used to the social networks. Only recently, the actress made an account on Instagram.

“I understand that to deal with being useless, it is what it is. I went to have a page. All ripe, ripe and did it. But do not live with a phone in his hand. Post something, only when my soul is flying, if you know what I want to share, as it was in the day of victory of our national football team over Spain. My friends and I then gathered a great company in the bar and hurt. I was overwhelmed with happiness and could not upload videos. The same thing happened when I read a book, which shocked me. Suddenly someone will look and think, “I Want to read what Tanya Arntgolts. I wonder what made her so inspired”. That’s what I can share. And to remove every second – not a habit. I live in reality,” explained the actress.

Loyal fans know that Tatiana is the owner of long luxurious hair. However, for the sake of a new role the actress had to shave off the hair, the daughter of Mary was supported by her famous mother.

“When I called again, they said that the role, but there is one request: to cut my hair short. I said, “Easy, just not under the hedgehog”. Honestly been waiting for this day. My daughter previously had very long gorgeous hair, but we tired to fight them, because she is unable to care for them. She made quads in July, and me hair was cut short on October 30. I even remember that day. So we went with a similar hairstyles,” said the actress in an interview to “Wday”.