Татьяна Арнтгольц мечтает о рождении сына
Known actress Tatyana Arntgolts not like to dwell on his personal life, avoiding the subject during the interview.

Татьяна Арнтгольц мечтает о рождении сына

Tatiana grows eight-year-old daughter Mary, born in marriage to actor Ivan by Jidkova. The actress does not hide that dreams of becoming a mother again and wants this time her son was born.

Татьяна Арнтгольц мечтает о рождении сына

“Explain to Masha that she was mistress of the future. If God wills and I ever had a son, I will teach him that he is a man in the house. On him will rest the wife, and he must have Golden hands to be able to collect, to dig, to repair. It is our values, culture can not be overlooked. Cannot be so that all were able only to do a selfie and write in social networks. People today are crazy with this Instagram,” said Arntgolts.

Tatiana was able to maintain friendly relations with the ex-spouse who tries to give her daughter as much as possible free time.

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