“Tattoo” Yulia Volkova has sharply grown old

«Татушка» Юлия Волкова резко постарела
Because of a failed image, the singer began to look 20 years older.

Photo: Instagram

Fans in shock: the 33-year-old Julia Volkova, who became famous thanks to the participation in the controversial group “Tatu”, began to look like a grown woman. Not so long ago the singer showed fans his mom, who now looks almost the same age as my daughter.

Fans came to the conclusion that it is caused by the bad image of a star. Glasses in a fashionable frame doesn’t go Yulia, and only added to her ten years. The image of the “supplements” neck of the actress, which, as you know, almost defies correction.

Julia has long been suspected of multiple plastic surgery, despite her fairly young age. It can also be one of the reasons why Volkov began to look older.

However, one should not forget that a few years ago, Julia was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid gland. And, even though she had defeated a terrible disease, it could say in its appearance including.

“I’ve never told — admitted Julia in an interview with Oxana Pushkina. — It happened almost in the same period, when it became known that the sick Vanya (producer of the group Ivan Shapovalov. — Approx. 7days.ru). It was in 2012. Wanted very much to help him, but it was hard, because Ivan didn’t want to believe that the time has come that we need to deal with what happened. Then I persuaded him to go to the hospital, while his wife and other relatives could not do. It was put in the hospital. A month later I had a dream that I was sick with a terrible disease — and in the morning I went to see a doctor in the hospital. After the ultrasound I was asked to take the tests. And when I got the results, said I have cancer. Then I didn’t want to tell anyone. People are different, someone probably would have rejoiced. The other would be spared, but I can’t stand pity. I had the surgery, and then came to see Vanya and only then told him about my situation. During surgery, the doctors made a mistake: I touched the voice nerve, and I was left without a voice. And I insisted to do the operation in Moscow, while friends and relatives tried to persuade me to fly to Germany. When I after the surgery I came to, I found I just can’t talk, not even sing! I whispered. I didn’t cry, though in his heart, of course, worried. It is uncertain what’s next: chemotherapy or something else. And I have two kids at home! I left all friends, apparently considering me a “used” option. I never got a call. Just Vanya Shapovalov, who was in exactly the same situation as myself. There was a creative pause, I have not recorded songs, released clips. It was hard to read the messages from fans on the Internet: they knew nothing about my illness and wrote that I just hang out, drink, take drugs… Then in two years, had three operations to restore her voice, two of them I did in Germany. Then the German doctors shrugged, saying, we can do nothing more to be done. The voice returned to me great doctors from Seoul… I know that these tests in life are just really strong people. Even if he dies, he will still be very strong!”