«Татушка» Лена Катина показала подросшего сына
The singer has shared the emotions of motherhood.

Photo: Instagram

Lena Katina has always tried to keep his personal life secret. Even while working in the controversial group “t.A.T.u” no one really knew about her novels or love. After the breakup of the Lena and completely disappeared from the “radar” musical review. Only the most loyal fans have followed her work, which she did in America.

About global changes in personal life, Katina briefly and with dignity informed the public via social networks. For example, that married a Slovenian rock musician Sasho the Palacio, she told peculiar. Just issued a joint photo and signed it: “me and my husband.”

And, of course, she could not help but share their happiness with the whole world when I first became a mother. This event took place may 22, 2015. Star has published in social networks a blurry photo handle newborn son and announced that he named him Alexander, after my father.

Since then, the boy appeared in her personal blog only once a year on their own birthday. And today, when Sasha was three years, Lena has shown how much he has grown. And for the first time have shown what “options” he was born — 3600 grams and 51 cm.

“I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since my son Alexander was born! — shared his emotions Katina. — I remember the day before. He turned my life upside down, and now she will never be the same! And Thank God! I do not understand how it was possible to live without my wonderful gnome all these years! In General, I understand that the child’s birthday is really a celebration of the parents in the first place, so happy birthday son me and dad!”

Funny that a colleague Lena “t.A.T.u” Yulia Volkova today also showed his son. Samir just graduated from high school! True, the initial. But daughter Vick this year will be 14 years. She was born when the singer was only 19 years old. In the future Volkova dreams of becoming a mother again. Sometimes she posts photos with a mysterious lover, but their relationship openly says.