Татьяна Зайцева поругалась с сыном перед его гибелью

Seven months ago, died only son of Russian singer Tatyana Zaitseva, Alexey. Seven months the inconsolable mother bears not only the burden of irreparable loss, but also sadness because shortly before the death of the young man they fought, but never had a chance to reconcile.
In a recent interview Tatiana and Elena told how to live after the death of Alexis. Everything that happens to them seems a nightmare from which she cannot Wake up, alas.

Татьяна Зайцева поругалась с сыном перед его гибелью
“All this time I live only because I believe that my son is here, only going far away. Since the funeral it has been seven months, and it all seems like it’s all unreal, like make a film” — says Tatiana.
Two months before the death of Alex, addicted to parkour, landed badly during a jump from the roof of the restaurant in Cyprus, and was injured, ripped open his arm. Tatiana has been against such Hobbies of the child, and when her husband Nick told her about what happened, I was offended by the son that disobeyed her. After what happened the mother and son never found the time to talk about this – the guy was embarrassed, and Tatiana didn’t want to do the first step, and now is suffering for his pride and principles.

“Aleshki there seven months and I turned nine. We never talked about it” — grieving mother.
For twin sister Tatiana Elena’s nephew was like a son – he’s an only child for two of them. It so happened that she had to tell my sister the terrible news.
“When I found out, it was a most terrifying ordeal – report Tanya. And she disconnected the phone. Dialed nick. Said: “Alesha died.” He said: “Only Tanya don’t talk, I’ll go.” Called him an hour later, but Nick still will not go – could not decide. And it became clear to me that I have to tell Tanya. Nick pleaded, “Just please make it so that Tanya died of this information.” And I don’t understand how she survived after all” — said Elena.
Recall that the 32-year-old son of Tatiana and Alexei Cuttings died due to his fascination with parkour: while jumping from train to train, he didn’t notice how moved the cars. The impact beam on the head was for males fatal.

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