Татьяна Волосожар и Максим Траньков ждут ребенка
Olympic champion will miss the upcoming season because of pregnancy Tatiana.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov have always thought about the baby, but tough athletic schedule didn’t allow these thoughts to materialize. As time went on, career achievements multiplied and the time came when the life of the famous couple, the family came first.

“Tanya at that age — we’re both over thirty, — that it is necessary to decide: do we dedicate his entire life exclusively to the sport or think of the offspring — says Maxim. — And since we have already won everything that is possible, the issue of children has become paramount”.

But at the same time, pregnancy Tatiana became both a surprise. It is interesting that I first noticed the “interesting position” Volosozhar is not her husband.

“We were in the summer in Japan, participated in the ice show,” says Trankov. — In the locker room, he approached me and our friend, the Swiss figure skater stéphane Lambiel, and said: “Maxim, and that Tanya is pregnant?” I was surprised: “are You kidding? Where did you get that?” But he insisted: “Yes, she’s definitely pregnant! I can see how it rides, how does the elements — not as usual.” And it turned out that he knew something we didn’t know”.

Tatiana admits that he felt changes in the body, but wasn’t sure: “I all the girls friends said: “you’ll get pregnant and soon you will understand”. But since I first was confronted with this, some doubted. I do is such a person, must first see and then say. Finally did a pregnancy test and it was positive. Max said he was very pleased. And still I don’t fully believe it. Only in Moscow, going to the doctor, who called me the exact time: five weeks, I began to consider her pregnancy a fait accompli.”

Tatiana and Maxim are going to miss the upcoming sports season: they will not take part in the Championship of Russia on figure skating and the world Championships. But for the winter Olympics 2018 plan to resume training and get back on the ice.

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