Tatiana Vassilieva started to communicate with ex-daughter-in-law and grandchildren

Татьяна Васильева начала общаться с экс-невесткой и внуками Anastasia Begunova came in contact with the actress after a long quarrel. Tatyana Vasilyeva admitted that making every effort to have at least a minimal shift in its relations with the ex-wife of his son Philip. People’s artist believes that with time everything will work out.
Татьяна Васильева начала общаться с экс-невесткой и внуками

People’s artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva and this year celebrated her jubilee, this year she turned 70 years old. Perhaps the best gift to birthday Vasilyeva has been the shift in her relationship with a former daughter-in-law, actress Anastasia Begunova.

In the programme “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov, the star was told that she was glad that she had the ability to communicate by telephone with grandchildren Grisha and Vanya, who together with the mother live in Germany. “Took a shift in a relationship that gives me strength and confidence that we will be able to communicate, – said Vasilyev. – I’m talking to Cindy on the phone, you can talk to children. This is a great purchase. Mine comes back to me. I always call She talks surly. I don’t care, it is imperative that we are in contact”.

Tatyana admitted that to establish even this communication was very simple.

Татьяна Васильева начала общаться с экс-невесткой и внуками“Nastya is not able to speak with Philip. Philip – with Nastya, with all unable to speak only I, but apparently so I have to live. It is easy for me at all, – continued actress. – I don’t have any offense. I could, of course, to say that I was sorry for my son, but I understand that the man is also not present. Can’t say that she had an easy family life. But she and no effort wasn’t made. She was never home”.

The program showed a video made in Germany. Grandchildren, Tatiana Vasileva Vanya and Grisha say hi to her. The boys admitted that I miss my grandmother, whom they call by name is Tanya, and I really want to come to visit her in Moscow.

Vasiliev recalled that when the children were young, she spent with them a very long time, especially with the van. “He is the firstborn, Nastya and Philip had been busy and the van was brought to me, – said the actress. I tried to pamper, love to cook pancakes, soups, borscht. We were out walking. It was all good. And in one moment everything has disappeared and there are only pictures”.

Vasilyev admitted that now wants to chat on the phone continued. She is sure that there will be meetings. “Things will get better, you just need to walk this difficult path”.

We will remind, the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva Philip divorced by Anastasia Begunova in 2016. According to the actress, the former wife of her son all this time let the communication grandmothers with their grandchildren. However, the Anastasia Begunova last winter in an interview to the program “Let them talk” said that this year’s ex-husband and the grandmother did not seek to see the children. As assured the woman that she offered to waive the shares of heirs on the housing instead of two thousand euros which she would receive monthly. Ex-daughter-in-law Tatyana Vasilyeva afraid for the children