Tatiana Vasilieva without a wig shocked fans

Татьяна Васильева без парика шокировала поклонников
The artist blew up the social network with the bold.

Tatiana Vasilieva

Photo: @vasileva_vtg Instagram Tatiana Vasilyeva

While many young stars compete to see who will publish the most outspoken in the Network, Tatyana Vasilyeva decided to attract attention in another way. The actress showed a photo that dares to publish, not every woman. On it the national actress of Russia was captured… without a wig!

“My dear, I declare a contest! Who came up with the original title for this picture will receive two tickets to my play! With love, your Tanya!” she said.

Among the proposed options were many very witty. Tatiana, referring to her appearance with irony, promised to read each review and choose the best.

This year Vasiliev celebrated his birthday — she was 70 years old. Recently aired is devoted to the Tatiana segment for “Tonight”. There, the actress said that in the protracted scandal with his ex — daughter-in-law Anastasia Begunova “broken the ice”. Former relatives have almost found a common language and, perhaps, soon she will be able to see two grandsons — Ivan and Grigory, who had not seen for more than a year.