Татьяна Васильева заговорила о личной драме Artist of the comic genre have had a difficult time in family life. As admitted Vasiliev, she repeatedly burned in love. Now she tries to explain to their children that we should consciously approach to the selection chosen.

      Татьяна Васильева заговорила о личной драме

      In the program of Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all” actress Tatyana Vasilyeva recalled his two marriages, and he talked about how it took hard parting with the second spouse. The artist comic genre, first married Anatoly Vasiliev, whom she met as a student. According to Tatyana, she broke their Union, then what he paid. “I gave him extremely painful. The devil made me do it. Rude did,” admitted the actress.

      Second husband Vasilyeva was Georgi Martirosyan. Their marriage lasted 12 years, but this time, the actress recalls with a shudder. George was so captivated by Tatiana, what she left Anatolia, and left the theater in which he worked. Vasiliev admits that ready was to part with life, when she divorced George.

      Tatiana does not cease to fall in love, although it went through tough times. “I was burned, so now I am very careful and calm. Love exists. You’re stung, but you go for it,” admitted the actress. Vasiliev believes that entering the second marriage, she was punished for what destroyed the first family.

      “I took Philip’s father, was deprived of grandchildren grandfather, his parents – grandchild. I chopped a living, because he loved. And then I cut”, – said Tatiana.

      According to the artist, she was not afraid of loneliness. Vasilyeva notes that long does not want to pretend to be someone she is not. “I can hardly imagine a person who truly crossed the threshold and say, “I have come”. I’d like, asking him questions to get the answer that I was not subject to doubt”, – said Tatiana.

      The artist learned one rule: “it is Impossible to love someone stronger than himself”. According to her, men always sit on the neck, when you feel that woman are crazy about them. The actress does not consider this behavior as a manifestation of selfishness. In its 69 years Vasiliev was not afraid of anything: neither in the profession nor in everyday life. “I’m not afraid to die. It’s going to happen, I have lived well,” said the artist.