Tatiana Vasilieva shined bald head

Татьяна Васильева сверкнула лысой головой The actress showed how she looks without a wig. Fans of Tatyana Vasilyeva for extraordinary hairstyle called the actress “extravagant alien.” The star herself has urged fans to comment on her bold photo.

People’s artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva, and this year celebrated its 70th anniversary demonstrates that man is incredibly brave and not afraid of any experiments with his looks. The actress, staying beautiful in your Mature years, did not hesitate to show themselves in such angles that a normal woman would hardly.

Tatyana Vasilyeva was put on public display your photo without a wig. Absolutely bald head of the grandmother of four grandchildren flashed in the microblog. While Tatyana urged followers to actively comment on the picture, promising a prize for the most ingenious, in her opinion, the signature. In the frame of the star posing in a dress with trendy floral print at the hem she held hands, in the manner of little girls.

“My dear, I declare a contest! Who came up with the original title for this picture will receive two tickets to my play! With love, your Tanya”, – has signed a snapshot Tatiana Vasilieva.

Subscribers do not have to wait long for a small period of time left a few hundred comments. “Remember the film “Scarecrow”, when the heroine of Christina Aguilera became bald, and said, “good cabbage!” Here you have “good and beautiful cabbage!”, “Our Tanya always with the ball, and therefore not discouraged at all,” “the Actress is the diagnosis”, “the Beauty does not spoil! I love you any!”, “She was so Moody, then mad, then went herself, She was an actress, and even behind the curtain!”, “Ay, I’ll go with her”, “Tanya-Fantomas”, “you are cool. Extravagant alien”, – said fans of Tatiana Vasilyeva.

By the way, not so long ago the actress demonstrated once again that it is the great master of shocking and funny jokes. Sadalsky and Vasiliev made a terrible fight during a talk show

Live Saturday talk show Tatyana Vasilyeva slap in the face for his old friend Stas Sadalsky, he gave the actress back, a scuffle ensued. Amazed Studio groaned and gasped, watching as the actors grappled. However, it quickly subsided. Vasilyeva with Sadalsky told the audience that he played in front of her a scene from a new play. The audience applauded the artists and the authors of the program asked for the future to them in advance made known of the impending draws.