Tatiana Vasilieva laughed at the former daughter-in-law

Татьяна Васильева посмеялась над бывшей невесткой Women are unable to resolve the dispute over the apartment. The ex-wife of the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva Anastasia Begunova said in an interview that the artist left grandchildren without housing. However, the very celebrity with humor refers to the current situation.
Татьяна Васильева посмеялась над бывшей невесткой

Yesterday the program “Let them talk” was dedicated to the prolonged conflict between the well-known actress Tatyana Vasilyeva and her former daughter-in-law Anastasia Begunova. The ex-wife of son of people’s artist believes that her children are illegally deprived of a share in the apartment in the center of Moscow. She intends to fight for housing. Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva is preparing to sue for an apartment

Actor Stas Sadalsky has told in the microblog that he, along with Tatyana Vasilyeva looked release talk show. He did not hide what emotions they elicited the statements Begunova.

“Today, all together rehearsing and watching TV. Laughing at one’s fool. Tip her, throwing a boomerang of actions in advance think about how you’re going to catch the boomerang effect,” wrote the artist.

Fans began to discuss the difficult situation – someone was against Vasilyeva provided for the family of the former daughter-in-law and others saw nothing wrong in helping native grandchildren.

Anastasia Begunova now lives with her children from her marriage with Philip Vasiliev in Germany. Recently, a woman met a new love and became a mother for the third time. She understands that she will be hard to go back with kids in a Studio apartment in Moscow, and therefore wants to improve their living conditions. However, while Anastasia has not decided whether she wants to stay in Berlin or return to our nation’s capital.

“We live in a rented apartment, on welfare practically something helps my current husband, of course. But my children, grandchildren, the celebrated actress, has seven thousand rubles for two and there’s no shelter in Moscow. They had taken all. Therefore, we are there,” said Anastasia in the program.

The legman ready to go to the end to defend their point of view. She intends to go to court to get the children a half three-room apartment at Patriarch’s ponds. Anastasia hoped that after the divorce, sons John and Gregory will receive housing.

Despite the fact that the ex-wife of the son of Vasilyeva was found with her mother in law, they were unable to agree. Tatyana was adamant was not going to reverse its decision. Anastasia tried to convince the woman to give her an apartment where she could live together with the children. Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva was found with her after a protracted conflict