Tatiana Vasilieva in the fourth time became a grandmother

Татьяна Васильева в четвертый раз стала бабушкой The actress came to be discharged from the hospital granddaughter. Dad was the son of people’s artist Philip Vasiliev, the young wife whom Mary Bolonkina gave him an adorable daughter Mirra. For Tatiana Vasilyeva baby girl – the first granddaughter to this point in the family of stars were born only boys.

      Known actress Tatyana Vasileva has recently re-became a grandmother. Granddaughter of national artist of Russia was born in a usual Moscow maternity home. Baby girl – daughter of a son stars Philip Vasiliev from his second marriage to actress Mary Blankenau. It is already known that a baby her parents called Myrrh. A happy event in the family happened on 6 November, but was known about him only the day before. So to this day, a little Myrrh and her mom are already home. 26-year-old Maria Bolonkina enjoying motherhood and occasionally reports on Instagram about how well behaved her newborn daughter eats well, sleeps a lot and almost never cause trouble to their parents.

      “Tenth day of utter happiness. I don’t know… Too much frightened, saying how it will be difficult, sleepless, tearful. So far, everything is not about us. Live in harmony, sleep four hours, eat milk, dad smiling and enjoying each other” Maria said in microblogging, posting the first photo of his daughter.

      It is worth noting that little Mirra was the first granddaughter of the actress Tatyana Vasilyeva. From a previous marriage, her son Philip’s two sons, daughter Vasilyeva Lisa is also raising a boy.

      Meanwhile, the journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV, who was present in the extract of Myrrh with my mom home from the hospital, I did not see among the welcoming star grandmother. But as it turned out, Tatyana Vasilyeva was in this moment on tour in another city. With his new wife 38-year-old son Philip she has a good relationship, so no reason not to congratulate a family with a new addition, the actress is not, and in the near future Vasiliev intends to visit a newborn granddaughter with gifts.

      But with the former daughter-in-law, also an actress, Anastasia Begunova Tatyana Vasilyeva relationship did not exist. It is believed that the marriage of Philip Vasiliev disintegrated because of his wife’s infidelity. The press reported that the daughter also was blackmailing mother in law, demanding for the meeting of the artist with his grandchildren the money. Tatiana Vasilyev stole hundreds of thousands of euros

      Recall that just a month before the birth of her daughter Myrrh Philip Vasiliev and Maria Bolonkina officially married. The ceremony took place in Tagansky registry office of the capital.