Tatiana Vasilieva has made another plastic surgery

Татьяна Васильева сделала еще одну пластическую операцию

69-year-old actress Tatyana Vasilyeva again decided to undergo plastic surgery.

According to the informants, the actress of theatre and cinema in one of the capital’s hospitals have resorted to circular face lifting, and also made the procedure of skin rejuvenation using laser and ultrasound and mesotherapy.

All treatments resulted Vasilyeva a lot of money. For rejuvenation Tatiana Grigorievna gave half a million rubles.

It is reported that the actress will not be and already is planning future surgery. So, Vasiliev wants to change the shape of your face by implanting the implant in the chin.

We will remind, Tatyana Grigoryevna said repeatedly that afraid of growing old, and therefore does everything possible to delay this process: “I’m afraid to grow old, to horror. Don’t hide — Yes, have had plastic surgery. One day during such nearly died, had severe bleeding. But I was saved. To be thin, starved. It was the case, overdid it with the weight loss — ended up in the hospital, I was again saved. Go all out to look good, is my responsibility. Beautiful I have never considered. But I look at myself in the mirror and like myself”.

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