Tatiana Vasilieva buying condos grandchildren to make peace with the daughter-in-law

Татьяна Васильева покупает квартиры внукам, чтобы помириться с невесткой The actress wants to see kids. Ex-wife of the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva intends to part of the real estate in the center of Moscow. The actress went the other way only in order to be able to communicate with the boys.
Татьяна Васильева покупает квартиры внукам, чтобы помириться с невесткой

For several years actress Tatyana Vasilyeva can’t come to an agreement with the former wife of her son Philip by Anastasia Begunova. When the couple were still married, they moved to Germany. According to the actress, it was the desire of the daughter – she wanted two sons grew up abroad. However, after a while the husband and wife decided to divorce. Anastasia remained in Germany, and Philip returned home. Soon, the woman established your personal life and met a new man, which gave birth to a third child. However, she wished that the children had real estate in Moscow. Anastasia believes that she was illegally deprived of the apartment in the city center. She was shocked to the core – why she helps financially to their grandchildren. The legman decided on drastic measures, forbade the boys to communicate with their relatives on the paternal side. Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva is preparing to sue for an apartment

Tatyana Vasileva has told that already three years have not seen the grandchildren. If earlier she was adamant in your decision, it’s now ready to go to the world for the opportunity to participate in the lives of boys.

“We owe the children something. Now I buy the kids in the apartment. And therefore we build relationships. If I could buy, I have a huge disaster will fall from the shoulders, I feel that children receive less,” – said Vasilyev.
Татьяна Васильева покупает квартиры внукам, чтобы помириться с невесткой

The actress admitted in a conversation with the YouTube Koschevnikovi in the “Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1” that while property will dispose of legman’s sole discretion.

Philip and Anastasia were married after the girl was in the third month of pregnancy. Exactly Vasilyev pushed the son to ensure that he legalized relationship with the beloved. Later the legman said that Vasilyeva interfered in their family life. The woman didn’t like that her now ex-husband is a very strong connection with mom. However, not only grandma, but he had not seen their children.

“Now Philip goes to the first time”, – admitted the actress.

Tatiana Vasilieva is not hiding that she was uncomfortable with his son and ex-daughter-in-law. She came to the conclusion that the woman lives without a specific program. Actress feel sorry for Anastasia.