Татьяна Тотьмянина: «Моя дочь заставляет нас наряжаться в карнавальные костюмы»
Skater told how her family prepares for the New year.

Татьяна Тотьмянина: «Моя дочь заставляет нас наряжаться в карнавальные костюмы»

Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmianina with daughter Lisa

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin and Ilya Averbukh prepared for the figure skating fans an incredible Christmas gift. 28 December on the stage the Ice Palace VTB will premiere the highly anticipated ice show “the Nutcracker and the Mouse king”. Actress Marie Tatiana Totmianina told 7days.ru the details of the preparation of the show.

— Tatiana, now there are rehearsals of “the Nutcracker”. How are you?

— Now we rehearse much. I was overwhelmed with emotions, it is so beautiful, so new year’s eve: every child must go to “the Nutcracker” at least once in your life. And Tchaikovsky’s music is so mesmerizing that when he heard the first notes, you immediately find yourself in some magical Kingdom. I ride and get great pleasure, because the best music for the new year so one did not write. Ilya is so perfect picks roles that you always feel very comfortable in the way of fantastic character is revealed in the role. Tell you a secret, our daughter Lisa was against the role of the Mouse King to the Pope — wanted to see him in the role of Prince, but daddy candy agreed (laughs). Alex fits this character in our show, this is a very charming Mouse king, with a strong solo, and all will end well!

The Nutcracker — a Christmas story. And the main character Marie lives in the anticipation of magic and miracles. And they happen to her. You are a child waiting for Christmas night?

— This may sound funny, if not strange, but I never liked New year. Never waited for something miraculous and magical. Because everyone thinks that in the new year night, something has to happen. Magical and wonderful. But with me this did not happen. Much more I was waiting for my birthday…

— What about your children? Waiting for Christmas stories?

— Yes, of course. Unlike me, my eldest daughter Lisa just loves the New year. In this they are in agreement with the Pope. Alex loves this holiday. Lisa writes letters to Santa Claus, book gifts, loves to dress up in carnival costumes and makes it do all of us (smiles). I look at her and realize that this child inquiring mind subject a sense of magic and fairy tales. No wonder they say that children under a certain age see the angels. I think Lisa is such a child. (smiles).

— Tell me, Lisa had already seen the rehearsal?

— No. For two reasons. First, the rehearsal process is very tedious and time consuming, and secondly, why spoil the child the impression of the play? No, it’s better she will see the show in all its glory on opening night. I think she’ll see the show not once, not twice. Lisa is now at the age when children love to revisit many times the same movie or cartoon, read the same tale…

— As for your costumes, how many times you change your outfit during the performance?

— The play is divided into three parts: Marie, who becomes a doll, Marie — the girl and the third the final part, the details of which we are keeping secret. Costumes will be only four. The costume designer did an exceptional job this year to fill the magic of this lovely story.